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Script Writing

Video Production

Offsite and Onsite Editing

Compression for the Web

At Mediaforce Productions the client works with one person from the first meeting to the time the final product is delivered. In some large production houses the client project can be passed from the creative consultant to the producer and then to the editor. When this happens it is possible that the client’s original vision is left to the interpretation of each person that handles the project.

At Mediaforce Productions the client works with one person from the first meeting to the time the final product is delivered. This way the vision of the client is established in the initial meeting and that vision stays consistent through the entire production process.

We know how important the client’s time and money are, and we ensure that the project is on-time, within budget and meets the client’s expectations. Mediaforce offers turnkey production. Our services include a creative
consultation, script writing, the production of the video, video editing, and compression for the web. We want our clients to use their money and time efficiently. That is why we offer project pricing, where everything is included. Some production companies charge for each line item.

At Mediaforce Productions our price includes everything from script writing, the production and editing which includes stock music, stock footage, graphics, and compression for the web. Each project is priced according to the needs of the client. There are never any “hidden” charges. We also have mobile editing systems so we can come to your office. This saves you time and money. You can be performing your usual duties while we are editing your project. This allows you to be in charge every step of the way – you get to see and approve the changes “in real time.” We are right there at your service.

OR, we can take your footage, edit it and then send it to you to review, submit changes and/or approve at your convenience.

At Mediaforce Productions we realize that each client has specific needs and goals. That is why we offer a variety of options for the client. Although most clients prefer High Definition today, some still prefer Standard Definition and we provide both. All projects can be delivered for the web, DVD, or both, depending on the client’s needs.

Among the types of projects we deliver are:

Training Videos

Promotional Videos

Sales Training Videos

Marketing Videos

TV Commercials


Video Production FOR Live Events

Video Production OF Live Events

Video for the Web

Do you have an upcoming video production or video editing project that you would like a quote on?

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